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Tamur rafting trip 2013 October 27

One of the best multiday river trips on the planet! The Tamur River trip gives a great trek in with spectacular mountain views of Kanchenjunga passing through remote villages. Then we Raft/Kayak some of the best whitewater Nepal has to offer all the way to India’s border! We have a great, highly experienced crew and we’re going to have a great time. We do this trip every year because we love it!

Tamur rafting trip 2013 October Nepal

Short promo video for the Tamur Trip 2013 below

Here’s the fun promo video put together from our 2011 trip to the Tamur River.

More information on our Tamur River Rafting page.

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  1. Peh CHwee Hoe (Singapore) says:

    Just back from Pat’s end Oct/early Nov 2013 Tamur River rafting run and what a ride it was ! Plenty of heart-in-mouth actions: Must admit many a time as we ventured downstream to scout the course, the question “are we going to raft over that ?” did come to my mind – but there was little time to think about this as Raji the Steady barked “Dig in harder…harder !!” as we battled the waves and drops. Thanks also to Pat’s team of expert safety kayakers who were our “peace of mind” amid the mayhem. As Pat said “The river is among the best in the world; pretty extreme and the flow keeps changing, but we’ll see how best to tackle together as we go along”. It was not a ride-by-the-textbook but with the right spirit we all had a great time.

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