“Gasman memorial Trip” Karnali River, Nepal: March 2014

Karnali rafting nepal white water asia alex treadway-1 Karnali rafting nepal white water asia alex treadway-10

This is a trip not to be missed ! Its a memorial for our great friend Busines partner and all round Legend David Allardice
Who passed away last April. So with this in mind and a Bottle of his Favourite whiskey what better tibute to do than run his
Favourite river the Karnali . To relive his passion for adventure and Tackle the Rapids of Karnali like Gods House
Stip and Flip, Juicer and loads more and at night round the campfire repeat the tall stories and tales that he had
left behing with us in our memories. This is of course acompanied with a whiskey, beer or what ever other beverage
that you are wanting. So come join the Gasmans Memorial trip you will be in great company and Im sure David in spirit
will be there with us !. Bus Leaving Kathmandu 23rd march bring your selves and your smiles and of course you drinks
we will supply the rest of the fun !

Karnali rafting nepal white water asia alex treadway-13

Dave Allerdice obituary Action Asia Magazine

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